ScanWritr App is Coming to Windows 10

After ScanWritr’s success on Windows Phone 8.1, where it established itself as one of the best all-around scanner apps, it is time to announce a new milestone: ScanWritr is going to see the light of day as a Windows 10 universal app.


What is ScanWritr app?

If you are not yet familiar with ScanWritr app, here is a quick recap.

ScanWritr is an app that helps you with various paperwork tasks, such as scanning physical documents, filling them out, highlighting, signing, storing and sharing. It uses an accurate real-time auto cropping algorithm to catch the document’s edges and a comprehensive image-enhancement filter for the clearest image possible.

ScanWritr is also a document reader and converter that opens pretty much anything you throw at it – from photos and Word documents, to PDF’s and exotic file extensions such as Korean HWP. Want to combine two pages from a Power Point presentation with three pages from a PDF article and two JPEG photos into a single document and, say, fax it? You can do all of it with this single productivity app.

ScanWritr on Windows 10

So what should you expect from ScanWritr on Windows 10? Everything we’ve mentioned above and soon even more, including some awesome new features we based on users’ suggestions. Also, expect a new, cleaner and modern Windows 10 look.

You are probably wondering when can you get it, right? Well, ScanWritr for Windows 10 is currently still in the testing stage and therefore not yet available for the general public. The exact global release date is not set but we are working hard on providing it to everyone as soon as possible.

However, there might be a way to get it before everybody else…

Can’t wait for ScanWritr’s new release? You can help us test it!

If you are the kind of person who likes to get their software before it is cool, we have some good news for you. You can join the exclusive club of ScanWritr Windows 10 test users and get the full app before everybody else!

How? Simply send us an email saying you want to be among the test users and we will happily accept you – that is unless our group is already full, so hurry up.


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