ScanWritr Mobile App as Seen by Satisfied Users

ScanWritr is a mobile app, which first appeared on the market in the beginning of 2014. Although it was not the first scanner app, nor is it the biggest in terms of users, it is undoubtedly one of the best ones. Furthermore, it is also available on all major mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. To see illustrate why ScanWritr is a go-to choice of many users, let’s see some of their testimonials, which we gathered from different platforms.
ScanWritr Mobile App

“I am a truck driver and it is necessary for me to make copies of fuel receipts, BOL and others. This app made my life easier. Thanks.”

“I enjoy the many options it has for editing which allows me to be creative.”

“Real great quality and very user friendly… Was badly in need of a scanner and had no time. Just then, I got this and it saved my day. Love it. Very, very highly recommended app.”

“This app is great, I couldn’t find better one on BlackBerry world. It really make office from your phone.”

“It is a must have app for anyone interested in increasing productivity. The auto image enhancement is superb and beats the scanner quality from the likes of cannon and HP.”

“Like having a secretary!”

“The best so far. Scanning made easy for us engineers, who are always on the move. Great work.”

“Mostly I use it to fill and sign PDF forms. Saves and sends from your email right inside the app. It didn’t give me any problems whatsoever. Saved me a lot of hassle, thanks.”

“I needed something to edit a pdf and remove the confidential text when I was out of the office. This has a little eraser with which you can erase the unwanted text then email it.”

“This is the only one of these document scanning apps that I was able to use successfully. Clear, readable text and proportional document lines. Thanks!”

“I have only used it to fax while I am on the go, but it has worked very well for me. The recipients have had no complaints, and I get a confirmation in my email.”

“Useful app, especially if you are used to writing & drawing things at work. Much better than MS Office Lens. Especially folders and categories.”

“Cropping a captured photo is more precise with proprietary interface design here than Office Lens from Microsoft, making this app much more practical. Office Lens should copy this cropping feature!”

“I totally love this app. I can’t live without it! If you’re reading this review now, please check this app out! Great!!!”

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