How to set up an online fax for your business with WiseFax?

WiseFax is a perfect online fax solution for your business. With WiseFax, you can easily get your own fax number and start sending & receiving faxes in your organization instantly. WiseFax is the right online fax for your business.

1. Use your existing fax number, or get a new one instantly!

You can easily send and receive faxes online with your existing fax number.
Click here to learn how to port your fax number to WiseFax.

If you do not have a fax number already, then you can easily get it with WiseFax.
Click here to get your own fax number now.

2. Start sending & receiving faxes instantly with WiseFax – a perfect online fax for your business!

Sending & receiving faxes with WiseFax is easy. WiseFax is a perfect online fax for your business, because web browser or email is all you need for your team to start sending and receiving faxes.

Receive faxes with WiseFax

If you wish to send faxes from your web browser, simply visit WiseFax at and follow the easy 4 step procedure to fax your document.

If you wish to send faxes from your email client, simply send an email to WiseFax as described here.

Receiving faxes with WiseFax is even easier. WiseFax will send you an email every time a fax will be successfully received to your fax number. Email will contain download link where a received fax can be download as a PDF. Interested? Read more here.

3. Manage your team

WiseFax online fax service allows you and all members of your organization to use a single online fax solution. So, WiseFax can cover all faxing needs of your business.

WiseFax business accounts

After signing into WiseFax portal, you can invite your colleagues to use WiseFax together with you. Once you do that, they will receive an e-mail invitation with the link to accept your invitation. They will gain access to the organization online fax once they accept the invitation, which will allow them to send and receive faxes in the same way as you. WiseFax online fax for business is easy to set up and easy to use.

Every member is allowed to send and receive faxes in the same way as you. Everyone in the organization have full access to copies and confirmations of sent faxes. Also, everyone in the organization can quickly and easily access received faxes online. All faxes are securely stored. Get even more information here.

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