ScanWritr: scan docs, PDF, fax – Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

ScanWritr is an app of the day at DownloadAstro, where an intriguing interview with the developer was published.

ScanWritr is a powerful all-in-one document scanner and editor app that enables you to:

  • Scan documents quickly using camera.
  • Convert and open most used document formats easily.
  • Organize and store documents into multiple local and cloud archives.
  • Edit, fill, sign and annotate documents.
  • Improve document quality and retouch.
  • Print, fax and email documents to your partners and customers.
  • Sync documents between phones, tablets and computers.
  • Share notes, pages and tickets with your friends and colleagues.
  • Export documents to the most popular apps and services.

The interview is available here. Don’t miss it out.

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