5 Things You Didn’t Know ScanWritr Mobile App Could Do

ScanWritr is a scanner app for your Android, iOS, Windows and BlackBerry mobile device. Ever since its initial release in 2014, it has offered a handy way of digitizing paper documents. However, document scanning is far from its only feature. Here are 6 things you (probably) didn’t know ScanWritr can do, in addition to scanning.

Open ODT files (and many other file types)

Creating a document in an open source office program definitely has its upsides, but mobile readability is usually not one of them. This is where ScanWritr comes in.

With it, one is able to open most commonly and less commonly used office-type formats, including .odp, .ods, .odt, .hwp, as well as .csv, .docx, .pptx, .xlsx, .svg and of course .pdf. there is literally no need for more than one document reader.

Annotate & sign documents

Filling out forms, adding comments, highlighting text, signing – these tasks require at least a few different apps, right?

Not necessarily. As you have probably guessed it, all of the above can be done with ScanWritr. It is as intuitive and simple as it gets – open your scanned or imported document and use the desired tool. Case closed.

Change the order of pages in PDF

Here is a case that will get your geek juices flowing: change the order of pages in a pdf document (or any other document for that matter).

As you probably know, unlike a simple word document, pdfs can be a real pain to modify. You might find an app that lets you add certain elements on the pages, but trying to change anything significant things like the page order, has been near impossible on a mobile device. With ScanWritr, this task is as simple as selecting the pages in the order you want them to appear.

Combining multiple PDF documents / different sources into a single PDF

Have you ever wanted to combine a few invoices, contracts or other documents into a single file? As long as all the files are in a format like .docx and you have access to your desktop computer, you shouldn’t have any troubles.

The same holds true on a mobile device, if you use ScanWritr. It gets even better: files do not even have to be in the same formats. You can get really crazy with it and combine two pages of a ppt presentation, a 10-page pdf document, a csv table and three doodles you just wrote on a napkin. Go ahead, we’re not judging.

Send Fax

Fax isn’t the sexiest technology out there, but believe it or not, it is actually making a comeback as FoIP (Fax over IP).

We don’t want to bore you with the technical details, so here is all you need to know: chances are you won’t need to send a fax more than a few times per year. If that is the case, you definitely shouldn’t be paying any monthly fees to do so, right? This is exactly what you can do with ScanWritr. Simply register your Vanaia account, purchase a few non-expiring prepaid fax tokens and fax away!

Find out more about ScanWritr mobile app here.


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