ScanWritr How To: Store and share documents

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you keep all your important documents? Preferably this place should be as easy to reach as possible. Like your phone or a tablet – with ScanWritr mobile app installed. 

How to store and share documents using ScanWritr

As you could see in the upper video, ScanWritr app allows you to quickly access your stored documents and share it. Let’s say you wish to share a bunch of photos as a PDF photo album. Here is what you do:

● Navigate to ScanWritr’s gallery
➢ You see a list of existing documents/folders
Click on the folder to enter itTap on the circle in the upper right side of the document’s page to select it
➢ A checkmark will appear in the circle
● You can now tap to select another page or proceed to the next step
➢ If you tap to select another page, the number indicating how many pages are selected will appear in the circle
➢ You can reselect the pages in different order simply by taping the circle again
● Tap the share icon and select “Share or Upload
➢ Now a dialog appears asking you to choose document format
● Select “PDF”
➢ Another screen appears, asking you to choose to save it as original document, as an album or a review (the second two options are PDF templates)
Tap on one of the album options
A list of share/upload options appears
● Choose your preferred way to share the newly created document by tapping on it.

The PDF album is now created. You can share it via e-mail, cloud, bluetooth, as well as with any other application that knows how to handle PDFs.


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