ScanWritr How To: Quickly annotate and edit a document

Has it happened to you, that you got an email with an attached Microsoft Word file, to which you had to reply with adding just a few words to the attached document? And while your mobile device was able to display the email to you, perhaps you were even able to read the document, your efforts were frustrated by the inability of your mobile device to edit the document. You can do this now with ease – with ScanWritr mobile app.

How to annotate and quickly edit a document on your mobile device

Once you have ScanWritr installed, the process is really quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

● Navigate to ScanWritr’s gallery
➢ You see a list of existing documents/folders
Select the desired page of the document by tapping the page itself
➢ You enter edit mode
● Find the text you want to emphasize and tap the middle “pen on a square” icon on the bottom bar
➢ The “signature/pen/marker” menu appears
● Tap “marker icon
➢  You are returned to the editing interface in marker mode
● Swipe over the text you want to emphasize
➢ Text is marked with a translucent marker
● Tap the checkmark at the right side of the bottom bar
➢ The marker is accepted and you are returned to the default editing screen
● Tap the “T” icon on the bottom bar
➢ You are put into text placement mode
Tap the location, where you want to add your comment
➢ A box with a cursor appears on the document and the keyboard is brought up
Type your comment
➢ The comment appears on your screen
● If you want your comment to stand out, tap the “text settings” icon, second from the right on the bottom bar
➢ The text settings dialog appears
● Set your text style, font type and color and press the back icon on the left of the top bar
➢ You are returned to the editing interface, and your comment appears in your desired font and color
●  To increase or decrease the font size, tap the large “A^” or the small “Aˇ” icons on the bottom bar
➢ Your comment is adjusted to the font size you desire
● Tap the checkmark on the right of the bottom bar to accept changes
you are brought back to the default editing interface
● tap the diskette icon on the right of the bottom bar to save your changes
➢ your document is saved and you are returned to the ScanWritr gallery with your newly created document on top

Now everything that is left for you to do is to share the edited document via the channel of your choice.


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