ScanWritr How to: Open a HWP file on your mobile device

Let us guess: you somehow found yourself involved with trying to open a .hwp file and you are wondering what is going to take you to do it? Do not worry – besides programs that can open it on your desktop computer, you can now do it on your phone as well. The only thing you need is ScanWritr mobile app.

Once you installed the ScanWritr mobile app the task is really simple, as you can see in the video. Although the file format used in the video is .odt, the process is the same when you are importing a .hwp file as well.

Opening a .hwp with ScanWritr

Hwp format is a part of Hancom Office, which is commonly used in Korea.

Hwp format is a part of Hancom Office, which is commonly used in Korea.

● Navigate to your .hwp file (in your e-mail/on the webpage/your file manager etc.) and tap on it
➢ a menu of apps associated with this file appears
● Tap ScanWritr
➢ a conversion dialog appears and a few seconds later (depending on the length of your document) you are presented with the ScanWritr gallery which now includes your your newly imported document
● Tap on the document
➢ your document is displayed in reading/editing mode

There you have it. You can now simply read it or annotate important parts, add your own text, sign it etc. Once you are done with it, you just click on the diskette icon to save your document and you are ready to share it.


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