ScanWritr How to: Open an ODT file on your mobile device

We all have that one friend, who is a Linux person. He takes the use of Open Source software to a near religious level and rejects everything the likes of Apple and Microsoft have to offer. And your friend sends her documents around in OpenOffice’s ODT format. What do you do if this same friend asks you to give her a quick feedback on something he saved in her beloved format?

How to open an ODT file on your mobile device

Did you install ScanWritr on your mobile device? Then, as you can see in the video, you don’t have a problem. ScanWritr has the ability to convert a wide range of file types, all common office file formats and even more obscure ones, like ps and csv, are supported. If you want to open and read, even edit an ODT document, follow these steps:

• navigate to your ODT document (by opening your friend’s e-mail, file manager etc.) and tap on it
➢ a menu of apps, which can handle this type of file pops up
• tap ScanWritr
➢ a conversion dialog appears, lets you know of the conversion progress, and finally you are presented with the ScanWritr gallery with your newly imported document at the top of the gallery
tap on the document
➢ your document is displayed in editing mode. It doesn’t matter of you don’t want to edit it, you can read it just as well. However, if you wish to comment, mark or sign the document, see one of our other howtos.

In addition to the most common document types, ScanWritr is able to handle OpenOffice documents, Hancom .hwp files, various types of text files, CSV files and even XML documents. If you have a document file on your mobile device and you don’t know what app can handle it, ScanWritr is a pretty good bet. Try it out.


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