ScanWritr How To: Print documents with your mobile device

So you have a document on your phone/e-mail/cloud that you need to print out after making a small correction? Whereas you will most certainly need a printer, you do not need to get the document to your desktop computer to do any of the tasks. What you will need is a cell phone or a tablet computer with a wireless connection and ScanWritr mobile app.

MAke sure your printer is "Cloud Print Ready" or that supports "AirPrint"

Make sure your printer is “Cloud Print Ready” or that supports “AirPrint”

Print a document with your mobile device

The procedure of printing a document on your mobile device it’s really easy. Once you installed ScanWritr mobile app, you just follow these simple steps:

● Navigate to ScanWritr’s gallery
➢The newly edited/scanned/opened document will appear in ScanWritr’s gallery
Tap on the circle in the upper right side of the document’s page to select it
➢ A checkmark will appear in the circle
● You can now tap to select another page or proceed to the next step
➢ If you tap to select another page, the number indicating how many pages are selected will appear in the circle
➢ You can reselect the pages in different order simply by taping the circle again
● Tap the share icon and select ”print”
➢ Now you can print out your document using Airprint (iOS) or Google Cloudprint
➢ If this is your first time using the service, ScanWritr will ask you to enter your credentials.
● The printing procedure begins

There you have it. Not sure if your printer supports Airprint/Cloudprint? See the list of supported printers on iOS and list of Google Cloudprint ready printers on other mobile platforms.


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