ScanWritr as a “Must Have App” in 17 Countries!

On January 1st 2014 we have launched our first mobile app ScanWritr. In a little bit over a month, ScanWritr has become the app of choice for more than 40.000 early adopters on Android alone. And perhaps the biggest recognition: it appeared among the top new must have/starter apps in 17 countries!

ScanWritr - a must have app

ScanWritr is considered a must have app in 17 countries just one month after its relase.

A Must Have App – because of you!

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the support you, our dear users, have given to us as we are taking our first steps. Without you, ScanWritr would never have become a must have app.

Seriously. Your constructive feedback has helped us tremendously. And no, we don’t mean only to achieve the recognition in the form of must have app charts listing. Because of your feedback, we were able to identify our weak points and making it easier to work on further improvements. You have helped us discover minor compatibility issues with certain Samsung Galaxy Note devices and you have helped us to further improve our edge detection algorithm.

While comparisons with established scanner apps do feel flattering to us, ScanWritr is firmly on its own path. With your help, this path will eventually lead it to its ultimate goal: to become the best all-in-one digital document manager.

What comes next?

As you might have guessed, you can expect ScanWritr to become better and better over time. This in our opinion is a must for any app that wants to be consider a must have app. We are already working on major improvements of existing features, as well as on adding some brand new ones that will further improve take user experience to the whole different level.

If you are among users that have already purchased our app you shouldn’t worry about missing out on these new features. Just make sure you update your ScanWritr as soon as new releases are available. Updates are of course totally free of charge.

ScanWritr on iOS and Windows Phone

If you’re an iOS or Windows Phone users, you will be glad to hear that ScanWritr will soon be available on these platforms as well. Unfortunately we cannot give you an exact date of release, due to the unpredictable length of the validation procedures. We do promise one thing though: we will do our best for ScanWritr to be considered a must have app on these platforms as well.

Haven’t tried ScanWritr for Android yet? It’s ok, we won’t tell anyone. Just make sure you go and try it now!


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