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PDF is for sure one of the most versatile formats for your documents. You are most probably using it quite a lot and you can be sure you will keep on using it in the future. Everything is fine, as long as you are at your desktop. But what about if you need a quick conversion of one document that you just got and all you have is your phone or tablet? ScanWritr will save the day.

(Windows Phone user? See how to convert to PDF on Windows Phone)

How to convert documents to PDF using your mobile device

PDF is trully portable with ScanWritr mobile app.

PDF is trully portable with ScanWritr mobile app.

ScanWritr is able to open various file formats, including pretty much every popular (and even some less popular) word processor formats. Let’s see how you can convert documents to PDF using ScanWritr mobile app:
● Navigate to ScanWritr’s gallery
➢ You see a list of existing documents/folders
● Select the desired page of the document by tapping the circle in the right upper corner of the page
➢ A checkmark appears in the circle
● You can now tap to select another page or proceed to the next step
➢ If you tap to select another page, the number indicating how many pages are selected will appear in the circle
➢ You can reselect the pages in different order simply by taping the blue squares again
● Tap the share icon in the right lower part of your screen and select ”Share or Upload”
➢ A dialog box appears, asking you to choose desired format
● Tap on “PDF”
➢ Another screen appears, asking you to choose to save it as original document, as an album or a review (the second two options are PDF templates)
● Tap on “Original document”
➢ A list of share/upload options appears
Choose your preferred way to share the newly created document by tapping on it.

The document is now converted and safely stored. Since the conversion service happens in the cloud, you need to make sure your mobile device has a data connection turned on.


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