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When was the last time you have used fax? Ok, let’s face it – Fax usage is not exactly on regularly on your daily schedule. But believe it or not, it might come the time when fax can come in handy. But do not worry – you most certainly do not need a bulky fax machine to use faxing. You can do this on your phone or tablet using ScanWritr mobile app.

How to send fax from your mobile device

Once you have ScanWritr installed, the process is really quick and easy. Just follow these steps:

You do not need this machine to send fax.

You do not need this machine to send fax.

● Navigate to ScanWritr’s gallery
➢ You see a list of existing documents/folders
Select the desired page of the document by tapping the circle in the right upper corner of the page
➢ A checkmark appears in the circle
● You can now tap to select another page or proceed to the next step
➢ If you tap to select another page, the number indicating how many pages are selected will appear in the circle
➢ You can reselect the pages in different order simply by taping the circle again
Tap the share icon in the right lower part of your screen and select ”Fax”
➢ If you have never used fax on ScanWritr, the app will ask you to sign in/sign up ((you will only need to do this once)
Tap in the desired number in international format [county code, area code, fax number]. E.g. for a US fax number: 1 271 469 3312, e.g. Japan: 81 396 969 696)
● Tap “Send Fax
➢ If your fax credit is sufficient, a confirmation dialog with will appear
➢ The confirmation dialog will also tell you how many tokens will the sending process requires (normally 1 token = 1 page, differs from country to country)
● Tap “Send Fax” again to confirm it
➢ Notification appears, informing you about the status of the sending

More details about Vanaia’s Mobile Faxing service…

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