Windows Store: ScanWritr Made Available Today

Windows store is richer for another great productivity tool – ScanWritr. Mobile app that made its Android debut on 1st of January 2014 has been officially released on Windows Store platform today, 10th of Januarry 2014! Be among the first one to try it out.

Windows tablet users will be able to use all the signifying features already presented on Android. Those include automatic edge detection, image enhancement, form filling, text highlighting, fax services, PDF maker and many others.

That Windows Looks

Windows store ScanWritr

ScanWritr for Windows tablets screenshot.

While there isn’t any major changes in terms of its features, this version of ScanWritr does have a different appearance. No, we are not talking radical design changes, but rather minor platform specific goodies, such as panoramic navigation, side menu, adjusted framework etc. We are sure these changes will feel as intuitive as possible for all Windows tablets users.

Pricing Policy

And pricing? Similar to Android, ScanWritr for Windows tablets uses the so called freemium model. It is free to download but offers two paid upgrade options for a reasonable price: Connectivity Pack S for $1.99 and Connectivity Pack L for $3.99. The first is a 180-day subscription that offers full functionality, while the second is an unlimited, full functionality subscription.

Be one of the first people to try it outAs always, we’ll be glad to get any constructive feedback, positive review, recomendation etc.

Are you searching for a Windows Phone version of this application? Don’t worry, ScanWritr is soon to be released for Windows Phone mobile platform as well. See more details on our ScanWritr product page.


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