Who can Make use of ScanWritr Mobile App?

There are not a lot of productivity mobile apps on the market that could help a wider range of people than ScanWritr. It is a scanner app on steroids and it’s available on all the major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry. So who are these people that could benefit from ScanWritr?


Every ScanWritr’s feature is specifically designed to help support paper-related business processes. It can be used to digitize meeting notes, save them to the cloud, email to one’s co-workers or simply archive them on a device for future reference. With it, one can also annotate documents, do quick fixes, add comments and – probably the most useful business feature – sign a document with a single tap.

“Great app, helps me sign and correct pdfs from my phone when I’m in a hurry and out of the office.”

Joshua, USA



ScanWritr shines whenever there’s some paperwork to do, especially when on the go. These are exactly the kind of circumstances trucking professionals operate in. Cargo documentation, bills and other documents are an integral part of any trucker’s life. Keeping them well organized and delivering them to the company’s headquarters on time is crucial for the business. So crucial in fact, that some truckers actually spend hundreds of dollars on a physical portable scanner and a laptop, just to satisfy needs which ScanWritr does for just the fraction of the price.

“I am a truck driver and it is necessary for me to make copies of fuel receipts, BOL and others. This app made my life easier. Thanks.”

Anonymous, Canada



ScanWritr offers features that take the students’ work to the next level. Multipage scanning, annotations, sharing etc. can all be applied to help the study processes. Missed lectures are no longer a problem, since one can use ScanWritr’s multipage scanning tool to quickly get the notes. All one needs to have is a willing classmate, which also should not be a problem, since it only takes a minute. Students can organize lectures in folders and even make a pdf notebook. However, if you are looking for more specialized scanner app for students, try out CatchUP mobile app.

“Brilliant app for students.”

Ułytkownik, Poland

Everyone else that deals with papers

ScanWritr is like a Swiss army knife – full of different tools and really useful to have in one’s pocket. Everyone occasionally encounters the need to digitize and store something for later. Travelling somewhere abroad? It might be a good idea to save a digital copy of your passport, ID and other documents, which you can have with you at all times – just because you can never be too safe.
How about that one yearly occasion, when you actually need to send a fax? You don’t really have a fax machine, do you? Buy ScanWritr’s fax token or two and prepare for whenever you need it. It’s simple, quick and there are no hidden fees or fine print.

“This app is awesome, it’s a scanner that allows you to take pictures to scan documents, books, and whatever else suits your needs to your phone that you can send out easily. I would highly recommend this to everyone because just about all of us run into the problem of wanting to scan something at one time or another without having the proper tools around to do so.”

ekms118, USA


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