New Student Productivity App: CatchUP

What do students do when they miss a lecture or two? Usually they try to catch up by borrowing notes from classmates, which they either scan, photocopy or even copy by hand. Surely there has to be a better way of doing this, right? Well, there is. And it has a funny name: CatchUp.

CatchUP is a new must-have app for any student that enables users to scan and annotate lecture notes, combine digital and physical sources, create a pdf lecture book and share it with other classmates.

Scanning lecture notes

Scan CatchUPTo start scanning simply choose the camera input option, place the paper notes on a flat surface such as a desktop in the lecture room, point your device’s camera at it and the app will automatically recognize the edges. After snapping a photo of the document you can enhance it using different presets and/or manual sliders. If you are not satisfied with the auto crop, you can also adjust the crop manually.

Chances are you’ll want to scan more than one page. In this case simply switch to a handy multi page scanning mode. This will allow you to scan all the documents without the need to post process the scans one by one.

Importing lecture notes

Say that you want to combine physical scans with notes saved as a word document. No problem – with CatchUP you can import a wide range of different document formats, including photos, text files, spreadsheets, presentations and others. Just tap on the document on your device, email or in the cloud and choose to open it with this app.

The imported lecture documents appear in the app’s gallery among all the other ones, where you can organize them in folders, combine pages in a single PDF file or print. The full list of supported document formats: pdf, doc, docx , xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, odt, ods, odp, jpg, png, svg, hwp.

Annotating lecture notes

marker pen CatchupAfter you have imported or scanned the lectures, you can tap its pages to enter annotation mode. You may choose among different annotation tools, such as colorful markers, a pen, text input and different marker colors/thicknesses.

Tap the tool of your choice and underline, highlight, circle, erase or type over the chosen parts of your lecture notes. After you are done adding your annotations you simply save your work and your annotated lecture notes are safely stored in the app and ready to be shared as a PDF file (or JPG pictures if you prefer).

You may choose to share your annotated files via email, social media or your preferred cloud service.

Ready to catch up with your lectures? Download CatchUP for Android now.


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