Essential BlackBerry App: ScanWritr

Are you a proud owner of a BlackBerry device? Let us introduce you to your new favorite mobile document tool: ScanWritr for BlackBerry.

blackberry essential app ScanWritr

Looking for an essential BlackBerry app? ScanWritr is one of them.

ScanWritr – an Essential BlackBerry App: Use Case

Imagine a scenario, where you are out on a business trip and your BlackBerry is the only communication device you have. Got it? OK. Now imagine you get an urgent email with an attached document, which you need to sign and return as soon as possible. What do you do?

Simple – you open a document with ScanWritr, add your signature with just two taps and reply to the email with your signed document as an attachment. If, for legal reasons, the receiving party wants the document to be faxed, you simply use ScanWritr’s subscription-free, no-nonsense, pay as you go mobile faxing service.

Besides importing, signing and sending documents, ScanWritr also enables you to erase unwanted parts of the documents, ad annotations, pencil lines and text. The latter comes especially in handy for filling out various forms.

Of course even this is not all ScanWritr has to offer. With it you can also save documents in the cloud, send it to your printer using Google Cloud Print or convert your text document to pdf/jpeg format.

ScanWritr – an Essential BlackBerry App: In User’s Words

The following paragraph is a copy of an unsolicited, user generated post titled “Highly recommended scanner app: ScanWritr and ScanWritr Pro”, which appeared on Crackberry forum:

“Hey guys and girls. If you are looking for an excellent scanner app then I highly recommend that you try out ScanWritr (free) and ScanWritr Pro. I’ve been using (well trying to use) PaperPusher Scanner but my experience with this app was not the greatest. The app is too slow to enhance photos, page edge recognition is not the greatest and sometimes pages would just come out flipped horizontally or vertically. Overall I was frustrated with PaperPusher Scanner. Just couple of days ago I came across ScanWritr. This is an Android port but it is still way, way better than PaperPusher. ScanWritr is really good. It is fast, page edge recognition is out of this world and overall this app works great on my Z10. I am so happy with this app that I decided to share this with you. In fact I was so happy with the free version (limit of 5 pages) that I bought the full version. Scanned pages come out professional looking with this app. This is hands down the best scanner app in the Blackberry store now.

Want to why try it for yourself? Get ScanWritr or ScanWritr Pro and sew why for Blackberry!


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