ScanWritr updates, design changes and localization

ScanWritr mobile application, which was first made available for Android on the 1st of January 2014, has recently seen a new update. Besides design changes, such as new cleanly designed icon and introductory animation, it also features a huge improvement of its conversion service.

New icon and intro screen


New and improved beautiful ScanWritr logo

New ScanWritr logo

The first thing existing users will notice is that the ScanWritr and ScanWritr Pro icons got a complete makeover. The familiar “S” is now placed on green and gold surface respectably. This not only makes the two versions stand out from the crowd, but it is also aligned with the most recent design trends.

This is not the only visual change. To make sure users have an even better experience ScanWritr now features an intro animation that briefly explains what it can do for them.

New document conversion service

Document conversion, which is one of the most prominent features of ScanWritr, is now even better. It supports a whole range of commonly used formats, which users can import via our cloud service. And guess what? Even though the conversion itself is still done on our servers, the procedure itself does not require a separate registration anymore.

Don’t worry – the whole process is still as safe as it was. The only thing that has really changed, besides the fact that the user experience is now significantly improved, is the way users are being authenticated.

What comes next?

In order to bring ScanWritr even closer to our international users, it will soon be translated and localized on each and every supported platform. While the exact dates of translated version releases are not yet known, we can already reveal which languages to expect first. They include: Spanish, Portuguese, French and German, soon to be followed by others.
Don’t have the app yet? Go to ScanWritr page and find your mobile platform. Don’t worry – we got you covered.


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