How to do a quick multipage scan

Do you have a multipage document you need to scan? Whether you are a businessman, student or a housewife, chances are you had this need before. Maybe you wanted to digitize meeting handouts, borrow your classmate’s notes without causing too much trouble, or scan a few recipes from magazines you came across while waiting for the hairdresser. What do you do? Well, from now on there is a simple solution for any problem that requires a quick multipage scan. And it’s in your pocket!

We are talking about the ScanWritr scanner app. Its Multipage Scan Feature allows you to quickly move from page to page, while its comprehensive Live Edge Detection does its magic of figuring out where to crop the scans. The whole process is amazingly simple as you can see in this video:

How to: multipage scan

To do a multipage scan you follow these simple steps:

  1. Once you have downloaded the app, select the “add new from camera” button.
  2. Press the “Turn on multipage mode” button on top of the screen to switch from the default single page mode.
  3. Point your device at the physical document you want to scan. ScanWritr will automatically find the edges of the paper.
  4. Press the shoot button on the screen to start scanning.
  5. Move to the next page and repeat the process until you reach the last page.
  6. Click the “Accept x documents” button.

That’s it! Your multipage scan is done. After the short processing, your scanned pages will appear in ScanWritr’s gallery. Should you need to do any adjustments to the image, you can do it by selecting them and clicking the edit icon. By clicking on image itself you can annotate certain parts, add text, signature etc. You can convert it into PDF, share it with your friends on social media, store it in the cloud, or send it via e-mail or fax. Now is that cool or what?The multipage scan mode and live edge detection is currently available on ScanWritr 2.0 version for Android, and ScanWritr Pro for Android, but will soon be implemented across all mobile platforms.


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