ScanWritr How To: Fill Out Forms

Do you have a paper form you need to fill out and send quickly? Are you at a location with limited available communications, and you need to send a document out immediately? Don’t worry, It happens to everyone. So how to solve that situation?

There’s an app out there that lets you fill out paper documents digitally, and helps you deliver them. It’s called ScanWritr. The whole process is amazingly simple, as you can see in this video:

To fill out forms and send them, you need to:

● start ScanWritr
● tap the “Add new from Camera
➢ ScanWritr will turn on your device’s camera
● aim your device at your form
➢ the edges of your paper will get automatically emphasized
● tap the camera icon to capture the document
➢ the image will get processed
adjust the edges of your form if needed and tap the OK icon in the lower right corner of the screen
➢ the image will get processed with new edges
enhance the image by changing the position of the slider in the lower right corner of the screen and click OK icon
➢ the image will get enhanced
● when you return to the gallery, your newly scanned form will be the first on top, tap it
➢ you will enter edit mode
● tap the T icon to select text input feature
● tap on a form field you need to fill
➢ you will enter writing mode
type the text
● when you are finished with the field, tap the OK icon
do the last 4 steps for all form fields you need to fill-out
● you may also need to sign your document (redirects here)
tap the diskette icon to save your changes
● tap the top right corner of your newly filled documents
● tap the bottom-right share icon
● choose the method of form delivery you prefer (let’s go with email for example)
➢ you will enter e-mail mode
● choose the email recipient or type their email address
● tap the send button

… And your form will be delivered via email. That’s it, problem solved. ScanWritr also lets you sign documents, erase things you don’t need, correct half-filled forms, send your documents out through a wide array of channels, including FAX, which is an officially recognized document delivery channel. Whatever your document situation, it is reasonable to expect ScanWritr will be able to deal with it. Quick. Easy. Anywhere. ScanWritr.

Get ScanWritr now – it’s free!


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