ScanWritr 2.5.12 – New Level of Productivity

We are proud to present a brand new ScanWritr: release 2.5.12. It is going to be available soon on three biggest mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows phone. Read how this new release is going to take your productivity to the next level.

ScanWritr - a perfect productivity app

New version of ScanWritr will push your productivity on a new level.

ScanWritr’s quicker e-mail replies & better signature tool on Android

Imagine a case, where you get an important e-mail containing a document, which you need to sign and return back as soon as possible. What do you do in that instance?

With the new version of ScanWritr for Android this process is easier than ever before. Now you can open the attached document, add your signature and attach it back directly from ScanWritr. This removes one previously necessary step of having to first export your document, before attaching it back. The whole process thus takes around 50 % less time to complete.

The signature tool itself is also significantly improved. You are now able to “tap-in” your autograph with greater ease and with a lot more style than in previous versions. In any case you still only need to do this step once and ScanWritr will memorize it for all future use.

Size-optimized PDF file creation

Have you ever needed to upload a PDF file to any public administration webpage? If you have, you know these pages usually set an unreasonably low size limit for the files. What to do if you have a high quality PDF that takes a megabyte or two more than it should?

Export it with ScanWtritr. You may choose the highest compression, which shrinks your PDF’s and JPEG’s down to quarter of their original size. Do not worry about its readability – as long as your original file is of decent quality, its smaller version will not be bad at all.

More editing options

Thanks to your numerous suggestions, ScanWritr now comes with more editing options. It offers three additional annotation marker and pen colors, which will bring more order to your edited documents.

When exporting the files you can now also change the default name right away, which gives you more control over the process of archiving.

What comes next?

Our determination to make ScanWritr better will not stop after this release. Soon we will make another change regarding its faxing service, which will make the whole process more convenient and cheaper.

Want to help us with suggestions for the next major release? Send us an e-mail.


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