Countdown: ScanWritr application for Android coming on January 1st

Excitement is in the air. The champaign is on ice. We countdown. No, it’s not just the approaching New Year – it’s the upcoming birth of our first mobile baby: ScanWritr

Why all the excitement? Because we know ScanWritr will deliver on its promise to be the one mobile application that brings old fashioned paperwork to the 21st century. It will be a reliable partner of many busy professionals, students and savy home users that want to save time, stress and last but not least, the environment.

About ScanWritr mobile app 

Scanwritr is not going to be just your ordinary point-and-shoot mobile scanner application. As a matter of fact, scanning, with comprehensive automatic edge detection and image enhancement features, is just one of many things the app is going to know how to do. In addition, users will appreciate it as a convenient digital form filler, a digital signature tool, text highlighter and a reliable document archive/organizer.

On of the missing pieces of your productivi puzzle might be ScanWritr mobile app.

ScanWritr Icon

What more could one ask for? We have an idea or two. How about a wide range of connectivity options? Users could choose to E-mail documents as a PDF, store them in the cloud, share them on various social media, use the cloud print services or fax them directly from their mobile devices. Quickly, efficiently and reliably.

ScanWritr just might be the first Android app to be released in 2014, as it’s making its debut on 1st of January, soon to be followed by the iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry versions.


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