ScanWritr Offers Christmas Discounts on All Fax Packages

With Christmas right around the corner, it is time for you to claim your gift from us: a 50% discount on all purchases of fax packages until the end of 2015!

ScanWritr discount fax

How to claim it?

Claiming your 50% discount is as easy as logging in with your Vanaia account, selecting your preferred fax token package and entering the code ‘XMAS50’. After you complete the procedure, the tokens automatically appear on your Vanaia account and you can use it as soon as you open your ScanWrritr app.

And here’s the best part: the tokens are the only expense that you will ever have with faxing. There is no fine print, no re-occurring payments and no other nonsense. You simply stack up your token balance and use it whenever you need. Oh yeah, did we mention that our fax tokens don’t expire?

Why use fax?

This might be the one question you have on your mind from the moment you’ve read the word ‘fax’. Don’t worry, this question pops up daily. Yes, we know it is the end of 2015 and yes, there are many different channels of communication that one can use. However, faxing is still alive and won’t die out anytime soon.

Sure, you are probably not using it on a daily or even monthly basis (that is unless you live in Japan, which has a thing for faxing), but there are a few cases per year when it comes in handy. Some businesses and public institutions for example require all the documentation to be sent by fax. And there are some good reasons for that. It is clutter-free, legally-binding, simple, traceable, secure and has a global coverage.

Mobile fax

Of course the reasons mentioned above are not in any way sufficient to justify the potential purchase of a fax machine, even though they still sell in the hundreds of thousands each year. As a modern person, who will only occasionally need to send fax, the best option is to bring it onto your mobile device – with ScanWritr mobile app.

Don’t have the app yet? You can get it for free on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Blackberry.


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